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Bleacher Blums

Mar 29, 2019

OPENING DAY!!!! Our 1st opening day podcast, the boyz had high hopes of getting this out before the Astros opening game but Blum was a mess! Terrible internet connection and his voice was fading quick! Even with the issues the fellas still brought it! What'll Tuttle Say?! He toots his own horn and has a message for...

Mar 22, 2019

Episode 14 is a dirty episode. The fellas talk hygiene to start and Tuttle is thankful to be far enough away not to smell Blummer.

What'll Tuttle Say hits on free agency, contract extensions and some rookie shenanigans.

Of course they've got the obligatory Astros updates, notably Ryan Pressly and Alex Bregman news....

Mar 15, 2019

Mid-March colorful banter from Tuttle and Blum. Tuttle reminds us why he likes the Warriors and not the Rockets. What'll Tuttle Say has feeling about Cy Young's contract renewal. New MLB rules. Blum and Blummer laughs at the college scam. 

Mar 7, 2019

The boyz are back!!! The boy's apologize for their time off. What'll Tuttle Say hits on the Harper effect and another famous Santa Clara University Alum. The debut of Blum and Blummer explains TV scheduling and his hopes and dreams of covering a post season.