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Bleacher Blums

Mar 30, 2020

This is actually an exciting episode for the guyz because they did a trial run for getting this podcast to video. Obviously they will still continue the audio version but will be adding a video component shortly. You can subscribe by clicking the following link

In this episode David and...

Mar 20, 2020

The world is quarantining around us but the fellaz are stepping their game up to answer your questions and provide content you need. They answer mailbag questions, offer an Astros update and silver lining, Sale is having TJ. Blum has got a solution to start the baseball season sooner than later and Joe Maddon...

Mar 14, 2020

Blum and Tuttle are stepping into the void! The mailbag gets some love and leads them into the hysteria of the Corona Virus and Sports. How MLB, NBA, NCAA and the NFL are handling the situation and maybe a possible solution for when the sports come back in play. Also, Blum's wife Kory makes a special appearance to...

Mar 11, 2020

Wow, finally!!! The boyz are back and it sounds good and bad. Bear with them as they figure out a new schedule to bring you what you want. They're are excited to be back with mailbag, What'll Tuttle complain about and Blum feels PED's effected players more than sign stealing.