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Bleacher Blums

Jun 26, 2019

Another week another episode. What'll Tuttle Say wants to debate the razor business and how the Mets sabotaged themselves by trying to fight a reporter. Blum & Blummer explains his feelings about A-Rod and "Sweet" Lou Piniella. Also, a lot of Astros talk!

Jun 14, 2019

Holy cow! Tuttle stepped up this week! He's going to have to ice his shoulders/back because he carried the show today. Oh Canada! You have a champion! Tuttle's Warriors faulter... blame KD, Klay, Steph? The fellas wrestle with some heavy topics and count how many kids they have.  

Jun 5, 2019

It's all left coast with the Astros in Oakland and Seattle. Some coffee talk, the drums bother everyone and are seagulls a government tool of espionage?! Tune in and find out. Tuttle says it's good to face the music and is having trouble explaining that he's human. Blum & Blummer is all about he draft!