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Bleacher Blums

May 31, 2019

Left coast/3rd Coast gets fired up early with NBA Finals talk and a rain out? We're talkin' 'bout a rainout?!!

What'll Tuttle Say gets heavy on the numbers... maybe too heavy! Is Joey Gallo the perfect hitter? And, what is a "no" hitter anyway?

Blum and Blummers thinks you're a jinx

May 18, 2019

It's a bi-coastal event, with some help from the podcast Gods and technology, the boys figure out how to make more magic. This episode mixes some levity, deep thoughts and a tough subject. What'll Tuttle Say brings it again with thoughts on Ian Kinsler and Pete Rose. Blum and Blummer wants to know what is happening...

May 10, 2019

Mother nature has been a b%$#@ in Houston this week but the fellas are bringing a mother load of information and fun on this episode of Bleacher Blum. They've got their thoughts on #Rockets #Warriors series, What'll Tuttle Say gets nerdy with it, Astros update: Blum & Blummer shows his softer side. Welcome back...